Thursday, April 21, 2022

Children of the Flaming Wheel - MOTHER PLANET

Boston's Children of the Flaming Wheel features two members of Hallelujah the Hills (Joe Marrett and Nicholas Ward), so we're obviously going to pay attention to them. While there is plenty in their new album, MOTHER PLANET, for Hallelujah the Hills fans to love, Children of the Flaming Wheel have their own very unique sound. Their Bandcamp bio describes them as "galapaogo garage punk for the freakazoids!," which is a top tier description. The songs on MOTHER PLANET have this wonderfully distortion heavy garage punk sound with more than a little psychedelia thrown in. The guitar just swirls around and around, while melodic gang vocals take over the entire thing. It's not your typical punk shouted out choruses, it's actual singing as a group throughout but I wouldn't call it harmonizing. Plus, there's a little almost Caribbean flair to give the whole thing an unexpected funky side. Children of the Flaming Wheel are the kind of band that are going to suck you in the more you listen.

You can listen to "Condos in Boston" below. MOTHER PLANET is available now over at Bandcamp. For more on Children of the Flaming Wheel, check out their Facebook.

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