Friday, June 28, 2024

Lovina Falls - "Tragedy"

Photo by Joan Hathaway

We really enjoyed last year's Calculating the Angle of Our Descent from Lovina Falls, and each time I've seen Valerie Forgione's (Mistle Thrush) new musical project, I've heartily enjoyed myself. But, her latest single is blowing all my expectations away. "Tragedy" takes the baroque pop of her album and makes it rock out. This new song starts off how we'd expect a new song from Lovina Falls to go with lovely instrumentation and harmony. And then the song takes off into a more 90's style, noisy and chaotic burst, all while keeping all of the melody and harmony intact. "Tragedy" is an intense and beautiful track that has us dying to hear even more.

Valerie Forgione says of her latest single:

“‘Tragedy’ is loud and crunchy, but it's authentic and still comes from the same place. There are similar elements that exist on Calculating the Angle of our Descent, but here they sit more at the forefront. I’m not a particularly angry person, but part of me is a little fed up with how people treat each other. So, I guess this is what comes from being fed up."

You can listen to "Tragedy" below. For more on Lovina Falls, check out the artist's website. Lovina Falls will be playing The Rockwell in Cambridge on July 6 with Parlour Bells and Happy Little Clouds, and opening for Chameleons at The Sinclair on August 10.

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