Tuesday, June 4, 2024

senseless optimism - "Walk Along"

Photo via Facebook

For her first post Boston Calling single, senseless optimism has released "Walk Along." As with virtually every release from senseless optimism, this new single doesn't really follow any particular genre. It starts off kind of folk-adjacent, but as the drum kicks in you realize that "Walk Along" has far too strong of a groove to be folk. The song dabbles in classic rock, blues, soul, and has beats that would be at home in a classic hip hop track. This is the kind of song that could appeal to virtually any music fan with an open mind. Not much can get fans of jam bands, indie rock, hip hop, classic rock, blues, classic rock, etc. to agree, but that is the power of senseless optimism.

senseless optimism says of her latest single:

"Moving from a suburb to a big city, there’s a lot that surprises you…For me, it was the catcalling. With it being a consistent part of walking to and from my destination, I wrote this song in protest."

You can listen to "Walk Along" below. For more on senseless optimism, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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