Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sara Wolff - "It It True?"

Photo by Katie Davies

Sara Wolff is originally from Norway but now resides in Liverpool. Her latest single, "Is It True?," is an interesting blend of indie folk, prog rock, and art-pop. It has this light and breezy sound, but in such an intense way that the lightness has almost been negated. It's almost one of the more creative versions of any of those genres, with unexpected instrumentation, and a break of rain right in the middle of the song. This is the type of experimentation that could go woefully bad, but in Wolff's hands we're given a song that is a pure joy to hear. Sit back, and make sure you're giving "Is It True?" your full attention.

Sara Wolff says of her new single:

“Mike and I recorded and produced the song together when I was down in Margate for a week. It was a bit of an experiment, as it was the first time we had ever worked together, but I found it really easy and inspiring. He has such a good instinct and is also super easy going. He didn’t think it was stupid when I wanted to add a three-part recorder harmony, or a 30-second recording of rain!”

You can watch the video for "Is It True?" below. The single is available now via Lost Map Records. For more on Sara Wolff, check out the artist's website.

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