Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hell Beach - "Poison Mind"

Hailing from Manchester, NH, Hell Beach are a defiantly emo band in a way that refuses to be embarrassed by that label. Their latest single, "Poison Mind," is emo, but in a way that imagines if Superchunk decided to lean more into pop punk than indie rock. Oh, and added a keytar. This is a fun song that is just begging to be screamed out loud at a live show. If there is any negative to "Poison Mind" it's that it's almost too catchy. Luckily, that's not really a thing so we can just rock out and scream the lyrics out while having a killer time.

You can watch the video for "Poison Mind" below. BEACHWORLD is due out August 9 on Uncle Style Records, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Hell Beach, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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