Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The Roland High Life - "Almost Always Ready"

Memorial Day is behind us, so I consider us officially in summer, which means it's time to check out the latest single from The Roland High Life. The Boston band just released "Almost Always Ready" is a nostalgic grown-up pop punk/power pop anthem. Their Bandcamp describes their music as "earnest," and it doesn't get much more earnest than this one. It's about "... all the dumb excuses you come up with as a kid to stop yourself from actually being happy." The Roland High Life have created a song that hits just so many nostalgic notes on "Almost Always Ready" that it's sure to make you reminisce about your teenage summers even if they don't match the song at all.

You can listen to "Almost Always Ready" below. For more on The Roland High Life, check out the band on Twitter and Instagram.

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