Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cinder Well - "The Cuckoo"

Cinder Well is Irish based American songwriter Amelia Baker. She's also a member of anarchist folk project Blackbird Raum (anarchist folk is suddenly something I need to check out...) and spent time with Irish trad-punk group LANKUM. Cinder Well is self-described as "doomy folk from the depths," and the first single off the upcoming album fits that. "The Cuckoo" is just Baker's vocals and guitar, and it might be one of the darkest songs I've ever heard consisting of just vocals and guitar. Baker's vocals fit a traditional Irish folk format, but the use of electric guitar mixes with her voice in a way sure to inspire dread for the listener (in the best possible way). "The Cuckoo" is a beautiful song even though it isn't fully a pleasant listen.

You can listen to "The Cuckoo" below. No Summer, the depressingly aptly titled upcoming album from Cinder Well, will be out July 24. You can pre-order it on Cinder Well's Bandcamp. For more on Cinder Well, check out the artist's website.

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