Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Allegra Krieger - "Rot"

Photo by Liz Maney
We were mesmerized by Allegra Krieger's single "The Push and The Pull," so we're obviously thrilled to have a second single. "Rot" is far more upbeat than the title would suggest. It's the style of singer/songwriter tunes that dominated the 90's. It's much more Liz Phair than being folk. It's a relaxed mid-tempo jam, even though it has some of the most punk rock lyrics you've heard in a while. The song is about climate change deniers. With lyrics like "White savior behavior puts on a good political show / Find a honey, make a kid / They say it’s a kind of love like you’ve never known / Yes, everyone is talking now / So sure and so loud it’s impossible to recall / How the ocean disavowed / The ignorance of all men standing proud and tall / But you don’t want to think, you don’t want to think," it's like Kreiger is channeling Bad Religion's attitude but tricking us all with her sweetness.

You can listen to "Rot" below. The song is available now via Northern Spy Records. For more on Allegra Krieger, check out her website.

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