Monday, May 4, 2020

Archers of Loaf Cover The Rolling Stones

Back in my hipster college years, if I had seen that Archers of Loaf were covering a Rolling Stones song, especially if it was a b-side, I would have assumed it was an ironic cover. Two decades later and my youthful snottiness has dissipated enough for me to recognize how great the Stones are, so I can accept Archers of Loaf covering "Street Fighting Man" for the greatness it actually is. I think the only surprise here is just how straightforward the cover is. Sure, Archers of Loaf go more 90's alternative than the original's psychedelia, but Archers of Loaf do bring some 60's style psychedelia in towards the end, just to show they can. Somehow, they even sound bigger than the Stones did, but middle aged me is completely fine with all of this.

You can listen to Archers of Loaf's cover of "Street Fighting Man" below. The song is available as a b-side to the previously released "Raleigh Days." You can get a copy here. For more on Archers of Loaf, check out their website.

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