Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dinosaur Jr Covers Ram Jam

Photo via Facebook
Somehow I am just discovering this exists. Way back in 2012, Dinosaur Jr included a cover of Ram Jam's immortal "Black Betty" on I Bet On Sky... in certain markets. That cover has never been available digitally until now. Dinosaur Jr's cover of "Black Betty" is as glorious as you'd expect. I mean, "Black Betty" may be the greatest rock song ever recorded, and this version of it includes J Mascis guitars. What more could you possibly want from anything in your entire life? Plus, there's no way Dinosaur Jr didn't have an absolute blast playing this. Let's hope that when concerts come back, this becomes a live staple for Dino Jr. And let's hope they recreate the original's video.

You can listen to Dinosaur Jr's even better than you can imagine version of "Black Betty" below via Spotify. It also comes with a live version of Bug's "Pond Song." For more on Dinosaur Jr, be sure to check out their website.

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