Thursday, May 28, 2020

Katie Malco - "Fractures"

"Fractures," the latest single from Katie Malco, is one of the most lovely songs you'll hear all year. It's not reinventing any genre of music. You've heard songs like "Fractures" before, but none have been done this well. It's a modern day neo-folk/indie rock masterpiece, staying at mid-tempo throughout but somehow feeling more intense as it goes on. Despite not having the cheeriest subject matter, the song comes across as uplifting and as a quiet anthem.

Malco says of the song: 

"Fractures is about coming face to face with a version of yourself you don’t even recognise, and growing into and understanding your true self and figuring out your own needs in life. My ex partner's girlfriend before me was an extremely beautiful, intelligent and, by all accounts, incredibly nice person. She was from the coast and she surfed, skated, hiked, climbed and she was a scientist. I grew up in a rough midlands industrial town and didn't do that well in school, and I always had insecurities about my academic intelligence, so if my partner ever joked about gaps in my knowledge, I didn’t take it well. I just felt like other people seemed to find things easier than I did, like they were all surpassing me in their achievements, him included. All of these things put such a massive strain on our relationship at the time and made me want to make myself into this person I thought he wanted. Someone exactly like his ex – graceful, clever, outdoorsy and good at everything. Someone I didn’t know or recognise in myself, and who just wasn’t me and wasn’t representative of my story up until then, which was a hard thing to explain to him."

You can watch the video for "Fractures" below. Failures, the new album from Katie Malco, will be out June 5 on 6131 Records. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Katie Malco, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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