Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Coriky - "Too Many Husbands"

Fugazi fans are obviously going to want to hear anything by Coriky, the supergroup featuring Amy Farina, Joe Lally, and Ian MacKaye. But they're really going to want to hear their latest single, "Too Many Husbands."

The guitar riff that starts "Too Many Husbands" is the most Fugazi thing I've heard since Fugazi went on indefinite hiatus. It's just so Fugazi, it sounds like it could be a lost song from 13 Songs. You know that start stop/jerky feel? Yeah... it's here. But that doesn't mean Coriky are just copying their former selves here. "Too Many Husbands" has a definite Gang of Four post punk feel to it. Plus, there are some elements of soul and some mainstream aspirations hidden deep inside, maybe? 

You can listen to "Too Many Husbands" below. You can pre-order their upcoming self-titled debut album, on Bandcamp. Physical copies will start to ship on May 29. It will be available to stream or download on June 12, and will be available in physical stores on June 26. This is all via Dischord Records, naturally.

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