Monday, May 11, 2020

The Slow Painters - "Egon"

Photo by Sigurd Fandango
The Slow Painters formed in Norway sixteen years ago, but are just now getting around to releasing their first album. A press release compares them to The Las meets Husker Du, and based on their first single there's no way to argue that. "Egon" has that early dream pop/Brit pop sound of The Las with the noise and aggression of Husker Du. Those might sound like nearly impossible genres to blend, but The Slow Painters do it by landing squarely in the middle. They don't commit too strongly to the beautifully dreamy side of things or the discordant side, and instead land in an area all their own that feels strangely familiar and leaves you feeling at home, even though you know you've never been here before.

You can listen to "Egom" below. The Slow Painters's self-titled debut album will be out August 28 on Keepsecretrecords. For more on The Slow Painters, check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.