Monday, May 18, 2020

Sweet Soubrette - "Almond Milk and Eggs"

Sweet Soubrette, the solo project of Ellia Bisker of Charming Disaster, is back with a new quarantine written song. "Almond Milk and Eggs" is a quietly lovely song based on a poem by Ash Andrews, who also joins in on vocals. The song consists mostly of Bisker's voice and ukulele, with some trumpet and electric bass. The result is a quiet, reflective song that edges into Neutral Milk Hotel territory. It's a beautiful, reflective song that is guaranteed to suck you in. Somehow Sweet Soubrette accomplishes this in just over two minutes, even though the song feels like a quiet epic.

You can listen to "Almond Milk and Eggs" below. The song is currently available on Sweet Soubrette's Bandcamp. For more on Sweet Soubrette, check out the artist's website. Also, be sure to check out Ash Andrews on Instagram.

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