Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tanya Donelly Covers Yazoo

As we continue our march towards this becoming a Tanya Donelly fansite, this week she has covered Yazoo's classic "Only You." This was one of those songs I didn't immediately recognize by title or band name, but once I listened to the original I recognized it. "Only You" might be one of the lost New Wave classics. It doesn't get the attention or modern day airplay that many of its peers get, but you'll know it once you listen.

Tanya Donelly enlisted Andrea Gillis for vocals on this week's cover. The main difference you'll notice is less synths, more guitar (electric, acoustic, and slide), toy piano, and accordion. It's a gorgeous and fun version of a song that was already gorgeous and fun. 

In the Bandcamp post, Donelly explains the song's meaning to her: "Upstairs At Eric’s was easily one of the most played albums of my late teens, shared with the people I spent every possible waking hour with back then — dancing to it in Dave N’s attic, lying on the sand listening on a Walkman with shared headphones, a boom box on the cliffs at night. The songs on that album hit so many heartstrings: love (of course), hurt (obviously), confusions, kinships, finding a place to land for a while."

You can listen to Tanya Donelly's take on "Only You" below. This week proceeds of the song go to Horizons for Homeless Children. You can get your copy over at Bandcamp. For more on Tanya Donelly (and to suggest a cover you'd like for her to do), check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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