Friday, May 29, 2020

Eye Witness - "Miss Me"

I've become enamored with Massachusetts's own Sapling this year. Their album No Sequoia is a strong contender for my best of 2020 list, so when I heard that Sapling's Rainy Maple Sugar Candy had another project, I obviously had to check it out. Eye Witness is that project, and it's an indie folk duo consisting of Rainy and Milo. I personally wouldn't have pictured Rainy being in an indie folk duo, but once you listen to "Miss Me," you'll get it. Milo takes vocal duties on the song, and the first thing you'll notice is that he doesn't have a traditional folk voice. It's unique in the way that someone like J Mascis has a unique voice. You wouldn't enjoy him doing karaoke, but his voice fits the music perfectly. "Miss Me" has an intensely dark feel, and despite being indie folk, it simply rocks. 

You can listen to "Miss Me" below. Miss Me is also the name of Eye Witness's upcoming album which will be out on June 3. You can pre-order it now via Bandcamp. For more on Eye Witness, check them out on Facebook.

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