Friday, May 8, 2020

Gum Country - "Tennis (I Feel Ok)"

Photo by Gum Country
Considering how much we've loved The Courtneys here at If It's Too Loud..., it's safe to say we're going to want to hear any other musical projects its members put out. Gum Country (featuring Courtney Garvin) has released a second single off their upcoming debut album, and we're in. "Tennis (I Feel Ok)" is a synth heavy lo-fi track featuring fuzzy guitars. It's impossibly upbeat without being saccharine. It's a cheerful indie rock track, which can be a rarity, but is more than welcome right now. The sheer joy of the song reflects the subject matter. It's about Garvin discovering how much she loves tennis. As she says:

"Kinda goofy, but in all honesty my relationship with tennis is so meaningful to me on a spiritual level. It’s my meditation practice. The game makes you present, you're repeating movements, and finding a rhythm. And it’s so creative. I think all athletes are artists. Plus you get to be outside, getting exercise, hanging with friends and all of those things are so good for you. So the song is pretty much about how tennis just makes my life better. I love tennis. If anyone reading this wants to play (after the pandemic) please hit me up."

You can listen to "Tennis (I Feel Ok)" below. Somewhere, the debut album from Gum Country, will be out June 19. For more on Gum Country, check out the band's website.

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