Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Godcaster - "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth"

Photo by Riley Buttery
Godcaster (who recently became the band with my favorite name) are back with the debut single from their debut album. With the band name and a song called "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth," you'd be correct in assuming this is a weirdo band. Considering part of their bio reads "Rising from the underground river of primordial goo that runs between New York City and Philadelphia and ascending toward some unknown ethereal plane beyond our comprehension, comes to us the revelatory debut of music and mythos from Godcaster, Long Haired Locusts," you'd be correct. However, they might not be the type of weirdo you'd expect. "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth" is a burst of almost kind of funky bizarro indie rock along the lines of Guerilla Toss and The Flaming Lips. This is definitely not for anyone, but if you're even slightly intrigued you owe it to yourself to listen.

You can listen to "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth" below. Long Haired Locusts, the debut album from Godcaster, is due out September 4 on Ramp Local. For more on Godcaster, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Woot. Great write-up. Here's my questionable take: Guerilla Toss is to Europe '72 as Godcaster is to Roxy & Elsewhere.