Monday, July 6, 2020

Thurston Moore - "Cantaloupe"

Photo via Facebook
After last year's three disc experimental album Spirit Counsel, it's great to hear Thurston Moore get back to actual songs again. "Cantaloupe" is really a mish-mash of all of Moore's favorite sounds. The track starts off with some grungy, sludgy guitar riffs. These are the kind of riffs seldom heard outside of a Melvins album these days. The song slowly morphs into more of an acid loving jam... but with some Detroit style proto-punk guitar solos. It's interesting to hear Moore play in so many of his style all at once, so if you've been a fan of all of his indie rock, jam band, heavy metal, etc. sounds, you're going to be heavily into his new sounds.

You can watch the video for "Cantaloupe" below. By the Fire, the upcoming album from Thurston Moore, will be out September 25. For more on Thurston Moore, check out his website.

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