Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Body Double - "The Floating Hand"

Photo by Ellis Martin
Oakland's Body Double are set to release their debut album, and have its first single for us to hear. "The Floating Hand" is a punk song. Us old fogies will have a hard time considering this punk, as it's definitely not the traditional blend of punk. Instead it's more of that harder edge dance-ish music the kids are calling punk these days, but if we're going to agree any of this is punk, "The Floating Hand" is it. Despite not being in-your-face, the song is dripping with attitude and has some of the most punk groove I've heard in a long time.

Singer and multi-intrumentalist Candace Lazarou explains the song: 

""The Floating Hand" is generally about competition, and your options for reacting to it.  I grew up in a few different countries because my dad was a Marine, and each move felt interplanetary: the language changed, what was good and bad changed, even the bugs crawling on the ground changed.  I felt at odds with conservative military culture and run-of-the-mill high school viciousness, and fantasized about one day finding a safe haven in punk and underground music.  It turns out that even amongst weirdos you'll still see people undercut each other, and you might be a maladjusted alien regardless of scenery.  I wrote this song about a musician I thought was particularly nasty, and it ended up being about myself, which is what happens whenever I try to write a dis track." 

You can listen to "The Floating Hand" below. Milk Fed, the debut album from Body Double, will be out September 18 on Zum. You can pre-order the album via Bandcamp. For more on Body Double, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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