Monday, July 20, 2020

Zephaniah OHora - "Black & Blue"

I first discovered Zephaniah OHora when he opened for Sarah Shook & The Disarmers back in 2018 (which feels about a decade ago at this point...). His old timey country sound fit in perfectly with his tourmate's, and I became a fan that night. He's back with a new single, "Black & Blue." "Black & Blue" still sounds like classic country, but more Johnny Cash in the 70's than the 50's. It's classic country, but with a little glitz involved. Maybe it's just OHora's voice, but all the glitz in the world couldn't keep him from sounding at least a little dark, and that sound helps elevate "Black & Blue" to an instant classic.

You can listen to "Black & Blue" below. Listening to the Music, the upcoming album from Zephaniah OHora, will be out on August 14 via Last Roundup Records. You can pre-order a copy at Bandcamp. For more on Zephaniah OHora, check out his website.

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