Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rachel Angel - "Strapped"

The Americana thing is pretty huge right now. With all the neo-folk and alt-country artists out nowadays, it's nearly impossible for one to stand out and do their own thing. That's what's so great about the latest song from Rachel Angel. Her latest single, "Strapped," has that familiar country/folk sound that we all know and love. However, she tweaks it just enough so that it doesn't quite sound like anything else we've heard recently in the genre. It almost has a ramblin' troubadour sound to it, but there's a little too much here for that. It's almost impossibly stripped down even though the song has full instrumentation. You really need to take a listen to "Strapped," especially if you've been burned out on Americana lately.

You can listen to "Strapped" below. Highway Songs, the new EP from Rachel Angel, will be out August 21 on Public Works Records. You can pre-order the EP via Bandcamp. For more on Rachel Angel, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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