Thursday, July 30, 2020

King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn - "Delayed Clarity"

In a better world than ours, King Buzzo's latest acoustic album would have come out back in June, I would have gone to see him at Great Scott (RIP Great Scott), and we'd all be filled with the joy from both experiences. Instead, Gift of Sacrifice was delayed until August 14, and we're just hearing the third song off the album. "Delayed Clarity" is a six and a half minute song that goes about three minutes before there are any vocals. And (in a word that may never have been used with anything Melvins related before) it's beautiful. Granted, King Buzzo's vocals could never be described as beautiful, but once he starts singing, the menace you get in his voice complements the beauty of the music surprisingly well. And then the song ends in thirty seconds of electric squall to cleanse the palate of any Melvins fans listening.

You can listen to "Delayed Clarity" below. Gift of Sacrifice, the upcoming album from King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn, will be out August 14 on Ipecac Recordings. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on King Buzzo, check out The Melvins's website.

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