Thursday, July 16, 2020

Ian Wayne - "Baby"

Photo by Ian Wayne
The upcoming album from Brooklyn's Ian Wayne is filled with intense grief. While on tour, Wayne found out his three year old nephew had been diagnosed with leukemia. He was gone two weeks later. That intense sorrow that I can't even begin to imagine can be physically felt in the first single from that album. "Baby" starts off as a modern Americana flavored song that slowly moves into some of the most heartbreaking indie rock guitar solos you've ever heard. 

"Baby" is about a different loss for Wayne. He explains: 

“'Baby' is about an imagined longview of life in love. I think love can make us blind to our loneliness, and at other times, in our loneliness, we miss one another by inches. I believe that love is guided by optimism, which makes the gnashing of teeth along the way even sadder. I think this will be true for all of us, in some respect, at least once. “Baby” is written from this perspective."

You can listen to "Baby" below. Risking Illness, the upcoming album from Ian Wayne, will be out September 18 on Whatever's Clever. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp. For more on Ian Wayne, check him out on Facebook.

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