Monday, July 6, 2020

Sweet Soubrette - "Making Do"

Sweet Soubrette, the solo project of Ellia Bisker of Charming Disaster, has made a song that can only make sense in 2020. "Making Do" is a song about making masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, the song is hardly cheerful given the subject matter, but since it's Sweet Soubrette, that makes perfect sense. I can't think of anyone else that could make a song right now about making masks to help out the collective whole that trudges along like a conveyor belt, and still keeping a sense of optimism and community intact. We may never want to listen to "Making Do" once this is all over, but for right now this song has the charm and begrudging positivity we all need right now.

You can listen to "Making Do" below. The song is available as a download on Sweet Soubrette's Bandcamp. There is also the option to purchase a mask with your download. For more on Sweet Soubrette, check out the artist's website.

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