Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bethany Thomas - "I'm Not Sorry And I'm Not Scared"

Every so often I'll find a song that I'm not completely sold on. It's undeniably good, but I'm not certain it personally works for me. Typically these take a little longer to fully work their way into my brain, and I eventually become completely obsessed with them. That seems to be the case with Bethany Thomas's "I'm Not Sorry And I'm Not Scared." It starts off with a hard rock guitar riff, which quickly disappears. The song then restarts as a heavier than normal R&B song, the kind you would hear in the 90's from En Vogue or Janet Jackson. But the song never loses its hard rock base, playing fully in both. It completely borders the typically separate worlds of hard rock and R&B. This is what both draws me in and pushes me away from the song in confusion. But, the more I listen, the more I'm getting drawn in.

You can listen to "I'm Not Sorry And I'm Not Scared" below. BT/She/Her, the upcoming album from Bethany Thomas, will be out 8/28. You can pre-order a copy via Bandcamp. For more on Bethany Thomas, check out her website.

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