Monday, July 27, 2020

Heather Valley - "Emily"

Heather Valley's 2019 album Desert Message came out of nowhere and won us over. We couldn't help but get sucked in by her timeless yet somehow unique blend of folk and country. Now, she's back with an upcoming quarantine album of covers (one of the only good things to come of this year) and one original. This original, "Emily," is a gorgeously stripped down folk song. Valley's slightly above a whisper vocals give this song an intensely intimate and personal feel, which fits everything about it.

Heather Valley explains "Emily" and her upcoming album:

"In March, I was on a writing retreat in West Virginia when the borders were closed. I drove home to Canada and quarantined at a haunted farm. It was lonely living on 200 acres alone, so I started playing covers of my favorite songs for comfort, and overcome by nostalgia, I remembered Emily.

When I was young, Emily cared for me one summer, and brought me to the lake in my hometown of North Bay, Ontario. She treated me with true kindness and it left a deep impression. When I couldn't find her online, I wrote this song hoping that it would find her instead."

You can watch the video for "Emily" below. Wildflower Radio, the upcoming album from Heather Valley, will be out soon. For more on Heather Valley, check out her website.

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