Friday, October 28, 2022

Urban Heat featuring Party Nails - "Have You Ever?"

Urban Heat are a post-punk band out of Austin, TX. For their latest single, they enlisted Party Nails for additional vocals. "Have You Ever?" definitely lands on the New Wave and pop side of the post-punk genre. It's a truly fun song that is more of a modern take on 80's New Wave than it is a complete throwback. Singer Jonathan Horstmann has a voice that is just perfect for this genre. It's the kind of voice that you haven't heard in about thirty five years. It's an edgy version of classic New Wave with a modern pop twist. 

Jonathan Horstmann explains how the three members of Urban Heat started making music together in 2019:

“There's not a ton of other Black musicians in Austin who play rock, and having that representation was important to me. I didn't wanna be the only Black artist in an otherwise all-white band."

You can watch the video for "Have You Ever?" below. For more on Urban Heat, check out the band's website.

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