Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Trophy Wife - "Linoleum"

Photo via Facebook

Trophy Wife (aka McKenzie Iazzetta) started off in Allston back in 2018 and is now based in New York City. The project's latest single, "Linoleum," is this absolutely perfect melding of dream pop and indie rock. The song has all of the upbeat pop sound and haziness you normally get with dream pop, but it just has this edge to it you don't normally get in the genre. It's equally beautiful and aggressively noisy. "Linoleum" is reminding me of early Smashing Pumpkins meets Belly. As much as Iazzetta's vocals will be what first sucks you in, it's the guitar work that is going to make you keep wanting to come back for repeated listens. There's just something hypnotic about this song that is going to indoctrinate you into the cult of Trophy Wife.

You can listen to "Linoleum" below. For more on Trophy Wife, check out the artist's website.

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