Friday, October 28, 2022

FEEP - "Waiting"

Photo via FEEP

The latest from Boston's FEEP (aka the band that took their name from WNAC-TV's 1960's horror host) is pure classic garage rock. "Waiting" is just soaked in psychedelia. The keys are going to remind you a lot of ? and the Mysterians, and then the tremelo on the vocals give the song a 13th Floor Elevators vibe. Of course, neither of those bands had as much background screaming as "Waiting" does. FEEP have crafted a ridiculously fun song with some killer vintage vibes. Let's hope this new band sticks around for a while to keep gifting us quality tunes.

Guitarist and co-vocalist Bobby says of the new song:

“It’s a bit of a personal story, so I’d rather not say too much. But I’d say generally it’s about a sense of existential ‘couch lock’, wanting to move but liking the comfort of your current situation at the same time.”

You can listen to "Waiting" below. FEEP Has Landed is due out sometime in the Fall. For more on FEEP, check out the band's website.

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