Friday, October 21, 2022

Chuck D featuring Bob Log III Covers Johnny Cash

Chuck D named his 2016 album The Man in Black, so it shouldn't be too shocking that he's covering the Johnny Cash song of the same name, but it still is. The Public Enemy frontman covering anything even remotely country wasn't something I expected to hear anytime soon, but since I'm a huge fan of both I'm definitely in. What is truly shocking is how perfectly it works. Chuck D's version of "Man in Black" is more of a spoken word song with hip hop beats paired with country/blues guitar licks. This is perfect for those of us that "Old Town Road" never clicked for. I expected this cover to be interesting, and I was hoping it wouldn't be horrible. I didn't expect it to be this great.

You can listen to Chuck D and Bob Log III covering "Man in Black" below. It will be included on JR Vol. 3: A Tribute to Johnny Cash. The album will also feature covers by Left Lane Cruiser, Charlie Parr, and more, and is due out November 4 on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. For more on the project, check out the record label's Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Thank you! Only person to post something... and something good! Chucks prev release was "The Black in Man" .... Appreciate y'all
    Keith. Hillgrass Bluebilly

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