Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Kosha Dillz - "Death Con 3"

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Kosha Dillz is a Brooklyn based Jewish rapper, so he obviously has some feelings on Ye's recent anti-Semitic statements (along with his other controversial posts). He out his thoughts into a new song, "Death Con 3." This is the kind of hip hop song you rarely hear these days. It's abrasive and angry, more along the lines of Public Enemy than the subject's own songs. If you like old school hip hop, particularly diss tracks, "Death Con 3" is going to be exactly what you're looking for.

Kosha Dillz says of his new song:

"What is interesting as the world watches Kanye's downfall is that I’m the first rapper to actually respond.  I think I am in a specific situation in Hip-Hop where I can accept I have a unique position. I work very hard in my path to perform Black art form and I am on a Black television show where we take shots at each otherIt is a true honor to be there with such talent.  The point is that if you’re dope, you’re dope; and you deserve to bring your flavor to the world. I go hard for who I am, and when someone who you are a fan of disrespects you like that, you gotta come back properly. This is my piece. The engineer of the track also worked with Kanye. The producer Sam Barsh has Grammy’s.  My peers have written on Kanye's albums.   Hopefully Kanye sees it, hears it and respects the art. Hopefully people are prouder, and understand that no one seems to be sticking up for Jewish people; except Jewish people! Maybe this will change that. Maybe standing up for ourselves will actually bring us together."

You can watch the video for "Death Con 3" below. For more on Kosha Dillz, check out the artist on Twitter and Instagram.

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