Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Amplifier Heads - "Zombie Moon"

When it's eleven days away from Halloween, we simply can't resist a song called "Zombie Moon." It helps when it's a great song from a band like The Amplifier Heads. The Boston band's new song has this great 60's pop feel mixed with 70's power pop along with a modern indie rock vibe. "Zombie Moon" is kind of an amped up crooner song with some harder drums and a slacker vibe. The Amplifier Heads have crafted a song that's more Frankenstein's monster than zombie, with pieces taken from genres and just pieced together. The genres don't meld together, but are more stitched to each other. But, it's as fun as a song released in October called "Zombie Moon" should be.

You can listen to "Zombie Moon" below. Rectifier is due out October 24 on Rum Bar Records. For more on The Amplifier Heads, check out the band on Facebook.

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  1. Great groove from the Amplifier Heads and woulda gotten played in high rotation on WCGY 93.7 FM's Boston Music Showcase back in the day ! Wink ! Harvey W...