Friday, July 5, 2024

Parlour Bells - "Knight Owls"

One of the surest ways to tell a band is going to kick ass is if it features Goddamn Glenn on vocals. Parlour Bells are one of those bands, and they are back with a new single. The Boston band have been kicking around for fourteen years and are one of the most beloved bands in town, and "Knight Owls" will show the newly converted exactly why. The song "... takes aim at the scene sycophants and phonies who too often take the fun out of being an artist." The song is dripping with venom, but it's also heavy on the glam, so it's fun as hell. I don't think I've ever heard a song that's this cynical that's also this much fun, but that's part of the magic of a band like Parlour Bells. 

You can listen to "Knight Owls" below. To Be or Not to Behave is due out later this summer. For more on Parlour Bells, check out the band's website. The band is also playing this Saturday July 6 at The Rockwell in Somerville with Lovina Falls and Happy Little Clouds.

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