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First Listen: New Releases for 28 June and 5 July 2024

Artist: Queen of Jeans
Album: All Again
Quick Thoughts: Been a fan of Queen of Jeans for a bit and this album is definitely a play for the folk-rock mainstream, but songs like "Karaoke" are radio-friendly in the best way, and "Last to Try" one of the better songs they've thrown together. This could be a breakthrough for them, so check this one out.
Songs of Note: "All My Friends," "Karaoke," "Neighbors," "Bitter Pill," "Last to Try"

Artist: Towa Bird
Album: American Hero
Quick Thoughts: Towa Bird is a young guitarist out of the NYC area, and this debut full-length is Charlotte Hatherley by way of Girl in Red. Confessional, hazy rock songs with a little edge and a lot of fun, even the parts that feel like they might stumble out of control (like "B.I.L.L.S.," which could be cringeworthy in less skilled hands) work well. This is a great record from a great talent, and I'm looking forward to seeing her trajectory.
Songs of Note: "FML," "Drain Me!" "Wild Heart," "B.I.L.L.S.," "Deep Cut," "Ew"

Artist: Frenchy and The Punk
Album: Midnight Garden
Quick Thoughts: This is a throwback in many ways - I say "B-52s meets Sleater-Kinney," Ken says "Siouxie and The Banshees," but the important thing is that this is an incredibly great listen that's equal parts addictive and gothy. Just a really solid listen this week, and something I'm really looking forward to getting back to.
Songs of Note: "Midnight Garden," "Skip Boom," "Mr Scorpion," "Lighting Up the Sky"

Artist: meg elsier
Album: spittake
Quick Thoughts: This album was a lovely surprise. It's a great little alt-rock slice of indie, with equal parts fuzz and buzz with more traditional alt - "ifshitfuq" in particular is one of the better recent songs I've heard. You can't go wrong with this listen, make some time.
Songs of Note: "iznotreal," "ifshitfuq," "yoiungestchild," "oldnews," "forlyleinsanfrancisco," "baby"

Artist: Bacchae
Album: Next Time
Quick Thoughts: As far as indie punk goes, Bacchae is absolutely making a run for best surprise listen of the week. Truly loved everything about this: it's loud and brash at times, but also perfectly melodic and anthemic in its approach at others. The first three songs in particular are just banger after banger after banger, and this is just a wonderful listen from beginning to end. Do not miss this.
Songs of Note: "Try," "Cooler Talk," "Next Time," "Just a Rat," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Feeling the Same"

Artist: Freezepop
Album: FantasizerPlus Vol. 2: Further Exploits
Quick Thoughts: Freezepop, the minimalist techno stalwarts of the Boston scene, offer a set of additional songs from their Fantasizer record that feels like a return to form in a lot of ways. It's a little more robust as a sound now, but still bright and fun electronic pop. "Blowing Up the Moon" in particular is probably their best song in ages. Glad they're still around. (Also, check out the additional volume of remixes/covers)
Songs of Note: "It's Doomed," "The Hypnotist," "Blowing Up the Moon"

Artist: The Dreaded Laramie
Album: Princess Feedback
Quick Thoughts: POWER POP LIVES. The Dreaded Laramie (great band name) offers up a noisy, delightful little slice of indie power pop that sticks with you. "Fishnets" is an excellent listen, and the anger of songs like "Breakup Songs" comes through despite its bright exterior. Loved this record.
Songs of Note: "Fishnets," "Breakup Songs," "Mess," "Communion," "Where's My Crystal Ball?"

Artist: Scene Queen
Album: Hot Singles in Your Area
Quick Thoughts: Scene Queen does the angry and profane as well as anyone, and I especially appreciate how fearless she is with her musical choices. This is a brash, in your face record with very blunt sexuality, gender, and social messaging throughout, and she doesn't mince any words while letting the guitars crash all around her. This needs to be heard by everyone, and for some, she might end up your new unproblematic fave.
Songs of Note: "Hot Singles in Your Area," "Amateur," "Pink Push-Up Bra"

Artist: Kasabian
Album: Happenings
Quick Thoughts: Kasabian has been around for a bit, and I somehow missed the party when they first landed. Happenings is dance rock at its finest, and I spent the entire 30-odd minute runtime grooving to this. It's a quick hit of fun from a band that clearly knows how to make this work. Add this to your rotation.
Songs of Note: "Darkest Lullaby," "Call," "Italian Horror"

Artist: Jenny Parrott
Album: Love Spell
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to make sure this one didn't get lost in the shuffle. In many ways, this is minimalist Casio indie pop (actually electric auto-harp, but you get it), but there's something deeply compelling about this whole thing that transcends whatever initial feelings you might have on the matter. It's worth giving a spin, if only to hear a few songs that you may love.
Songs of Note: "I Hear It All the Time," "Coming Out," "If You're an Angel"

Of note:

* Chelsea King - I'll Meet You in Dreams (A solid roots-tinged singer-songwriter piece.)
* Karin Ann - Through the Telescope (Bright indie pop.)
* Johnny Cash - Songwriter (Culled from demos recorded in 1993.)
* The Folk Implosion - Walk Thru Me
* Washed Out - Notes from a Quiet Life
* Shy Twombly - Weathervane
* Ministry of Interior Spaces - Grieftopia
* Daniel Nunnelee - June, Baby
* Shackleton and Six Organs of Admittance - Jinxed by Being
* Prefuse 73 - New Strategies for Modern Crime Volume 2
* Lame Drivers - Become an Island
* Wild Powwers - Pop Hits & Total Bummers, Vol. 5
* Eric Hilton - Out of the Blur
* Lupe Fiasco - Samurai
* Volvo Physics - Evil Eye
* Eves Karydas - Burnt Tapes
* Previous Industries - Service Merchandise
* Night in Athens - Wasted Reflections
* Quinn DeVeaux - Leisure
* Caroline Kuhn - Be Something
* Wave Generators - After the End
* The Octopus Project - Butterfly in the Sky
* Kay Tear - SEIZE the FIRE
* Redd Cross - Redd Cross
* JessB - Feels Like Home
* Katy the Kyng - Selfies of You
* Nep - Nep's Storybook
* Jess Cornelius - CARE/TAKING
* David Shawty - Idaho Blues
* Oliver Ignatius - Elf Army
* Gonnn - Gone
* Petit Biscuit - Discipline
* Argo Nuff - taking a break from my phone
* cehryl - willow tree
* Liana Flores - Flower of the soul
* Mabe Freatti - Sentir Que No Sabes
* Dirty Three - Love Changes Everything
* The Drin - Elude the Torch
* Chad Crouch - Barton Creek Soundwalk
* The Yum Yums - Poppin' Up Again
* Bernie Worrell - Wave From the WOOniverse
* Cornelius - Ethereal Essence
* Guided by Voices - Strut of Kings
* Frances Forever - Lockjaw
* The Proctors - Snowdrops & Hot Air Balloons
* Aistis - Clay
* cupcakKe - Dauntless Manifesto
* Laughing - Because It's True
* Hiatus Kaiyote - Love Heart Cheat Code
* Kero Uno - Fuzzy Logic
* Emilee South - Luxury
* Uboa - Impossible Light
* Blue Boredom - I Wanted You to See What I Saw
* Earth Tongue - Great Haunting
* Lucy and Surf Gang - Jack & The Beanstalk
* Superfan - Tow Truck Jesus
* Loma - How Will I Live Without a Body?
* Sour Widows - Revival of a Friend


* Christ Dillinger - There's Evil in This Club
* Weezer - The 30th Anniversary of Weezer (Spotify Anniversaries Live)
* Uno and Jemberu Demeke - Firfir
* Julia Gaeta - Blur Divine
* Wilco - Hot Sun Cool Shroud
* Tetchy - All In My Head
* Jerry Ware - City Punk
* Slo-Anne - Whiplash
* Nick DePinna - Nexus Music, Vol. 2
* Kid Acne - Haunted Codex Remix EP
* glass egg - in case i forget you
* Lake Haze - Shoreline Circuitry
* Bicep - Chroma 004

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Shaquille O'Neal - You Can't Stop the Reign
* AMSL - Connecting the Dots
* Wormy - We're Sweating All the Time

Also out:

* Quanah Style - Worship
* Yitai Wang - Love Me Later
* Fire-Toolz - Breeze
* Tek Iintowe - KILL YOU

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