Monday, August 1, 2022

Eldridge Rodriguez - "Scars in the Vein"

Photo by Patrick Ruth

For their new single, Boston based band Eldridge Rodriguez have enlisted Thalia Zedek on backing vocals. Getting someone as legendary as Zedek to join you on a song is huge, but "Scars in the Vein" would still be a great indie rock song even without Boston indie rock royalty being involved. "Scars in the Vein" is an insanely catchy indie rocker with more than a few pop hooks thrown in. It's not quite tuneful enough to be considered pop, although it does lean that way. There's some noise here, but mostly it's a straight up rocker with singer Cameron Keibler's vocals merging perfectly with Zedek's. Both of their vocals stand out on their own, but when the two are harmonizing is when the song is truly magic.

You can listen to "Scars in the Vein" below. The song will be included on Atrophy when it is released on Midriff Records. For more on Eldridge Rodriguez, check out the band's website.

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