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First Listen: New Releases for 22 and 29 July 2022

Two weeks of music in one convenient package!
22 July 2022
Artist: Pool Kids
Album: Pool Kids
Quick Thoughts: Pool Kids are the alt-rock band you've wanted for a while. "Conscious Uncoupling" grabbed me nearly immediately, and the rest of the album ended up being surprise after surprise. It's great, and it's one of the recent highlights of the summer.
Songs of Note: "Conscious Uncoupling," "Comes in Waves," "I Hope You're Right"

Artist: Alex the Astronaut
Album: How to Grow a Sunflower Underwater
Quick Thoughts: I loved loved loved Alex the Astronaut's debut, and while her follow-up is definitely a little different, it has more than enough of the endearing qualities that set her apart to be worth the time and the listen. "Octopus" is the best of the collection of tracks without filler, and this should be part of your rotation.
Songs of Note: "Octopus"

Artist: Nina Nastasia
Album: Riderless Horse
Quick Thoughts: If quiet-but-intense folk music is your thing, you need to check out Nina Nastasia. I had not heard of her prior to Ken sending this one over, but if you're able to listen to "Just Stay In Bed" and not be moved, I might start asking some questions. A really great listen.
Songs of Note: "Just Stay in Bed," "This is Love"

Artist: Rico Nasty
Album: Las Ruinas
Quick Thoughts: I unironically love Rico Nasty. I don't always feel like she takes herself all that seriously, but this album is seriously great. It has hints of hyperpop, hints of some heavy hitting dance beats, and the whole album is a good time. A worthwhile listen, whether you're a fan or new to her work.
Songs of Note: "Black Punk," Gotsta Get Paid," "Watch Your Man"

Of note:

* Flo Milli - You Still Here, Ho? (Flo Milli remains underrated.)
* She and Him - Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson (A lot of solid Beach Boys/Wilson covers.)
* Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive (The back half in particular is excellent.)
* Krista Papista = Fucklore
* Ty Segall - "Hello, Hi"
* Twen - One Stop Shop
* Dawes - Misadventures of Doomscroller
* Nicole Galyon - firstborn.
* The Gypsy Moths - Following the Races
* RZA - Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes
* Rafael Anton Irisarri - Agitas Al Sol
* John Moreland - Birds in the Ceiling
* The Sadies - Colder Streams
* 1991 - Odyssey
* Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature
* Jitwam - Third
* Gabbie Hanna - Trauma Queen
* Sam Prekop and John McEntire - Sons Of
* Hologram Teen - Day-Glo Chaos
* gyrofield - Evangelion for Beginners
* TRAAMS - Personal Best


* clipping. - CLBBNG
* NVDES - Vibe Mountain Love
* Arc Iris - We Found Home
* dropbear - Spiralized
* Julien Baker - B-Sides

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Purity Ring - Shrines X (Rerelease of their debut.)
Also out:

* ODESZA - The Last Goodbye
* Ben Harper - Bloodline Maintenance

29 July 2022

Artist: Wombo
Album: Fairy Rust
Quick Thoughts: Wombo has been on my radar for some time, and their new album is an unexpected delight. An indie rock album with some really fascinating musicality throughout, I love this album as much for the songwriting as I do the surprises. Don't miss out.
Songs of Note: "She Go," "One of These"

Artist: Tallies
Album: Patina
Quick Thoughts: Tallies carries a torch for the college rock of our youth in all the best ways, and Patina consistently impresses throughout its runtime. Songs like "Special" drill themselves into your brain and don't let go, and every time they popped up on a playlist I was pleasantly surprised. An underrated listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Special," "No Dreams of Fayres"

Artist: Damn the Witch Siren
Album: Gold Magic
Quick Thoughts: I like Damn the Witch Siren quite a bit, and the duo's latest album is a car crash in the best way possible. The chaos of "Claire Danes" sets the tone for a noisy, rocking, rollicking record that just doesn't let go, and I loved every minute. Do not miss out on this: there's no one quite like them making music quite like this.
Songs of Note: "Claire Danes," "Boys Don't Cry," "Red Velvet Cake," "Big Mouth"

Artist: cheerbleederz
Album: even in jest
Quick Thoughts: cheerbleederz sounds like a band that should be an ironic metal act, or at least louder than the sort of midtempo alt-rock they specialize in. Still, "notes app apologies" stuck with me the first time I heard it, and I am pleasantly surprised that the full album is as good. Make time for this one.
Songs of Note: "nail biters," "notes app apologies"

Of note:

* Beyonce - RENAISSANCE (A good listen, although I feel like she's channeling her inner FKA Twigs?)
* Deaton Chris Anthony - SID THE KID (The type of oddball indie music that just works. Loved a lot of this.)
* QUINQUIS - SEIM (Smart, interesting electronic music.)
* Florist - Florist
* Throwaway - Hand That Takes
* Amanda Shires - Take It Like a Man
* Friendship - Love The Stranger
* Sarah Bethe Nelson - Mental Picture
* Kenji Araki - Leidenzwang
* King Princess - Hold On Baby
* Josh Rouse - Going Places
* Murder By Death - Spell/Bound
* Wilder Maker - Male Models
* Maggie Rogers - Surrender
* Mix Master Mike - Ready Slayer One


* Sun's Signature - Sun's Signature
* Tommy Genesis and Charlie Heat - World on Fire
* Holiday Ghosts - Credit Note EP
* Of Montreal - Freewave Lucifer fck

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Orbital - 30 Something
* Dhovels & Rope - O' Be Joyful (10th Anniversary Edition)
* Joywave - Live

Also out:

* Beach Rats - Rat Beat
* $uicideboy$ - Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation

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