Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Maryanna Devlin - "Gary Indiana"

Photo by Patrick Schmetzer

Maryanna Devlin started out in Vermont, moved outside of Boston, then Manhattan, and now resides in Germany. Her latest single, "Gary Indiana," is a hypnotic and slightly haunting song that delves into folk at the start but slowly evolves into something a little more indie rock while keeping its folky roots. It's a gorgeously lush song that is hopeful despite its haunting quality. It's the kind of song that allows instruments to wander it at will and each take a turn without distracting from the main focus of the song.

Inspired by a trip to see a Boston College vs Notre Dame football game with her father, Maryanna Devlin talks about her new song:

"Football was his life, and a huge part of mine growing up. This trip was a somewhat healing moment for us, as we tried to mend our relationship after years of him abusing alcohol and drugs. This was the first song we recorded, and it really connected me with the team at the studio."

You can listen to "Gary Indiana" below. A Great Many Things is due out September 30. For more on Maryanna Devlin, check out the artist's website.

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