Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wildcat Slim - "Toeing the Line"

Photo via Facebook

Lowell, MA seems to be experiencing a musical moment lately. It seems like there's a great new band out of the Mill City every month or so, and our most recent discovery is Wildcat Slim. Their new single, "Toeing the Line," is the kind of indie rock meets power pop sound that we'll never be able to get enough of around here. It's a peppy and upbeat track steeped in the kind of mid-90's post grunge power pop sound you heard from bands like Superdrag and Fountains of Wayne. And just when you think you can't like this song any more they come in with a blast of unexpected noise that is just transcendent. 

You can listen to "Toeing the Line" over on Soundcloud. Smorgasbord will be released on Bandcamp on September 23. For more on Wildcat Slim, check out the band on Facebook.

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