Friday, August 19, 2022

Tysk Tysk Task - "Ocean Now"

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You might have noticed the drastic difference in sound between the indie folk of Tysk Tysk Task's excellent 2020 album Everybody's Worried About It and the singles they've released this year that are more indie grunge. The Lowell band's latest single, "Ocean Now," seems to be a bridge between the two sounds. The new single starts off more light and dreamlike, with melancholy surf guitar. As beautiful as the song is, there is something quite mournful about it. Sometimes there is beauty in pain, and "Ocean Now" reflects this. With all the intense noise in previous singles "Rosegold" and "Colors," it's easy to forget how captivating frontwoman Samantha Hartsel's vocals can be. With this new single, Hartsel's vocals are right up front and the focus of the song. And then the crushing noise comes in, all while keeping the mournful quality of "Ocean Now" intact. Hartsel's fuzzed out guitars and Danni Gannon's pounding drums act as perfect complements to each other. There even appear to be some sonic call backs to 2020's "Lovers' Covers." This song is an emotional roller coaster of a listen.

You can listen to "Ocean Now" below or hereYou're Sorry More is due out September 16 on Cursa Records. For more on Tysk Tysk Task, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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