Monday, August 8, 2022

Sunshine Riot - "Parole Board"

Earlier this year, Boston's Sunshine Riot released "Just Say So" which had that Song of the Summer vibe. Now that summer is winding down, they've released "Parole Board" which goes in a much different direction. "Parole Board" is still a mostly upbeat song, but there is a layer of grime and sadness covering the track. The song has a bit of a throwback vibe. It's not quite classic rock or oldies, but it does have a certain vintage sound to it. It's kind of like if you tried putting The Replacements in a freshly pressed suit. It's a little more palatable, but that punk edge is still seeping through.

Vocalist/guitarist Jonny Orton says of the new song:

“I suppose it's a story about a protagonist that grew up in small town, not-on-anyone's-radar America; the sort of place that all of us in the band grew up in. I think it's a song about the disenchantment people feel when the little town they called home gets taken over by cheap casinos and strip malls; faux, sterile luxury. The song kind of contrasts that aesthetic with the opioid epidemic that characterizes most of small-town suburbia these days and the tragic juxtaposition of kids dying in parking lots of big new developments. More concisely, it is essentially about the episode of The Simpsons in which Springfield got swindled into putting in a monorail.”

You can listen to "Parole Board" below. Sparkle Baby 2000 is due out in September. For more on Sunshine Riot, check out the band's website.

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