Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Goldpark Cover Wham!

Photo by Kara Sheridan

I agree that it's too early for Christmas music, but this is a cover of Wham!'s immortal "Last Christmas," which is my personal favorite Christmas song, but ironically and unironically. Nashville's Goldpark take their shot at the song, and it's a mostly faithful version that updates the sound of "Last Christmas" while keeping the roots of the 80's original. This is pure pop cheese done in a glorious modern indie rock way, and you can tell that Goldpark had a ton of fun with this one. And isn't that all we truly want with a Christmas song?

Goldpark says of the song:

"'Last Christmas' was one of the first songs that came to our minds when thinking about Christmas songs that we would like to cover. It strikes this interesting balance of being warm and bringing a smile to your face while also giving you a sense of sorrow. Those two things together tend to make a great Christmas song."

You can listen to Goldpark's version of "Last Christmas" below. For more on the band, check out their website.

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