Tuesday, November 15, 2022

TVOD - "Goldfish"

Photo by Jessica Gurewitz

Based in Brooklyn, TVOD (aka Television Overdose) are considered "disco-punk" which makes perfect sense once you hear their newest single. "Goldfish" has all of the aggression and discordance you would expect to hear with punk, but it's oddly dance friendly. I don't mean in that way that a lot of modern punk borders on dance music. It's even... fun? Which is unsually considered forbidden in a song this punk. "Goldfish" is punk even by the more strict definitions of that genre. But it's going to make you want to genuinely dance. It's kind of post-punk in that way, but this is more punk than post-punk typically gets. Hence disco-punk.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Tyler Wright says of the story behind the song:

"Our guitar player Jason and I were messing around before band practice one day and started hammering out these very primal bass & drum beats. I couldn't help but use my goldfish 'Phoebe' who had passed the day before as the writing inspiration for this song. I felt guilty about her biting the big one under my watch so I decided to write a song in which my friend Ted is actually is the one that murders her. RIP Phoebe. I blame Ted."

You can watch the video for "Goldfish" below. For more on TVOD, check out the band's website.

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