Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Fucked Up - "Found"

Photo by Jeaninne Kaufer

Only a band like Fucked Up could write and record a full album in twenty four hours and have it actually be this good and polished. Of course, polished is subjective. Their latest single, "Found," is this glorious mix of straight up alt-rock, indie rock, punk, and hardcore. Damian Abraham's vocals are always going to be gruff, but a lot of the rest of "Found" is surprisingly melodic. There are some killer vocal harmonies on the outro of the song, and the guitars almost have a Mission of Burma goes prog rock thing going. The gang vocals are more melodic than you would expect, and harmonizing with Abraham's growl can't be easy.

Guitarist and songwriter Mike Haliechuk says of the new song:

"I used to live on Davenport Road, which is one of the oldest streets in North America, and has been a First Nations trail for thousands of years, running along the north shore of Lake Iroquois, which receded after the last ice age. Just to the east was Taddle Creek, which was buried underground during the 19th century to build the streets I walk on. I thought about gentrification a lot, watching little stores get swallowed up by big buildings until I realized I am one of those big buildings.  The name of the song comes from the Shadi Bartsch translation of The Aeneid, where she points out that the words 'found' and 'stab' open and close the book, which are two meanings for the same Greek verb. That discovery is actually conquest, and that settlement is always violence.  And that any story I try to tell myself about the place I found to live can only be a story to justify the expansion of one people across the world of another."

You can listen to "Found" below. One Day is due out January 27 on Merge Records, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Fucked Up, check out the band's website.

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