Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Devil's Twins - "If I Was a Ghost"

Boston's The Devil's Twins have always been an interesting mixture of rock, blues, indie rock, and metal. On their latest single, "If I Was a Ghost," they go almost pure blues. This one rocks as hard as it grooves, with their horn section getting an absolute workout. Despite being a mid-tempo rocker, this is one that is guaranteed to get the crowd amped up and the party started. Plus, Nicole Coogan's vocals have never been this perfect. "If I Was a Ghost" showcases everything she can do, from a quiet growl to a full on howl. The Devil's Twins have always appealed to a kind of niche audience. If they keep releasing songs like this, get ready for them to explode in the next year or so.

You can listen to "If I Was a Ghost" below. Horns is due out in early 2023. For more on The Devil's Twins, check out their website.

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