Monday, November 7, 2022

Madi Diaz, S.G. Goodman, and Joy Oladokun Cover Patti Griffin

With the mid-term elections tomorrow, Madi Diaz, S.G. Goodman, and Joy Oladokun have teamed up for a cover of Patti Griffins "Be Careful." This new version is quite faitful to Griffin's original and it maintains its fairly standard singer/songwriter format, except the cover adds just a little indie rock noise to give the song a little more intensity and immediacy that is needed in 2022. Diaz, Goodman, and Oladokun have created a cover that is more haunting and aching than the original, for good reason.

Madi Diaz explains the meaning behind this new cover:

“When Roe V. Wade was overturned this past summer, Patty Griffin’s song ‘Be Careful’ slipped into my subconscious. It became a mantra of strength that was playing consistently in the back of my heart and mind day in and day out, gently encouraging me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It became a sort of battle cry directed toward anyone that wants to take away my rights to my own body and my reproductive freedom. You’ve awakened the beast so you better ‘Be Careful.’ This Supreme Court decision affects all of us - ‘All the girls with the washing rags,’ ‘all the girls with the shopping bags,’ any person with a uterus and everybody with their own body. This is about control over another person’s human rights and freedoms - the right of making our own choices about our health and wellbeing. When it was so hard to talk about what had just happened in our country, writing about it felt a little easier, so my best friend, Morgan Elizabeth Peirce, and I wrote our own verse, using the brilliant Patty Griffin’s song as a springboard into our present. It felt good to say and sing something that means so much to us and I’m beyond thankful for this group of wonderful humans for coming together to put all of our voices and hearts on record, printing this moment in time, putting it out into the world and harnessing the power that is born when we unite and work together. I hope that anyone needing to hear this song, hears it and feels a little bit less alone. Vote with that in mind.” 

You can watch the lyric video for "Be Careful" below. The song is available as a single to benefit Abortion Within Reach Coalition, whose aim is to make abortion accessible, compassionate, and affirming for all identities, and safe for everyone who needs it, free of politically motivated barriers and without cost as a barrier to care. The single is available here.

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