Tuesday, November 8, 2022

One Fall - s/t

One Fall is a Salem, MA punk rock supergroup. It features Helen McWilliams (Tijuana Sweetheart), Joe MacFadzen (The Big Sway), Phill Hunt (Drug Blood), and Caleb Wheeler (Razors in the Night). The band just released their debut three song EP, and to call it melodic hardcore is an understatement. Musically "Slightshot," "Rats Abandon Ship," and fit squarely into the melodic hardcore genre. It's loud and hard like hardcore should be, but there is still a melodic element throughout the songs. It's not just fast and loud, but it's catchy as hell. And then there's the vocals. McWilliams has a voice not typically heard in music this loud. It's more of a pop style of vocal, but somehow One Fall make it work with the more aggressive music. Plus, there is some crazy great harmonizing going on here, the kind you'd normally hear with a band like The Beths than punk or hardcore.

You can listen to One Fall's self-titled EP below. You can purchase a copy through Bandcamp. For more on One Fall, check out the band's Instagram and Twitter.

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