Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Blondshell - "Veronica Mars"

Photo by Daniel Topete

Blondshell is going to be one of those artists that surprise you. Her new single, "Veronica Mars," starts off as a laid back song that could pass for folky if that guitar didn't have a bit too much crunch to it. It's more of an alt-singer/songwriter type of song, and even when it kicks in it's still standard, although on the high end of standard. And then it really kicks in with this fiery guitar explosion and you're going to end up completely enamored with this one. The only complaint is that just when you're starting to get completely into it, Blondshell abruptly end the song just past the two minute mark. But I guess the saying is "always leave them wanting more..."

Blondshell says of her new single:

"I was obsessed with the [US teen drama] show ‘Veronica Mars’ as a kid and I was revisiting it around the time I wrote this song. I wanted to sing about that childhood era when I was being exposed to a lot more than I was comfortable with. ‘Gimme shelter’ refers to the song but I’m also saying please give me shelter from graphic TV and film, from New York City, overwhelming lyrics, etc. I think the song is just about having my boundaries crossed and the effects of those transgressions (for example, growing up to think men are hot if they’re assholes)."  

You can watch the video for "Veronica Mars" below. The song is available as a single via Partisan Records. For more on Blondshell, check out the artist's website.

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