Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ken's Best of 2022 - #10: Oceanator - Nothing's Ever Fine

I first stumbled onto Oceanator through a TikTok video, which is the least cool way possible. It was a video about black punk artists you need to know, and Oceanator was my favorite discovery from that video. Elise Okusami's project had just released a new album, and Nothing's Ever Fine had me hooked from "Nightmare Machine" on. Oceanator is not your traditional punk sound. It's more on the pop punk (or even the pop side at times) of the genre without actually being punk. The songs on Nothing's Ever Fine are beyond catchy, with just enough of an edge to be considered punk. Plus, there are some of the best 90's mixed with garage rock style guitar on this album, which is always a bonus for those of us still into that sound. Despite how poppy Oceanator can be, there are also some truly heavy guitar rock songs that do the loud/quiet/loud thing perfectly. It's the kind of album that you really need to make it to the end of. It may not hit at first, but it will by the end and make you want to go back and give the whole thing a fresh chance.

Songs of note: "Nightmare Machine," "The Last Summer," "Stuck," and "Bad Brain Daze"

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