Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Fantastic Negito - "Oh Betty" (Acoustic)

I absolutely loved Fantastic Negrito's 2022 album White Jesus Black Problems, and especially the song "Oh Betty." It had this great hyped up blues/rock/funk combination that works for me. I'm not usually all in on acoustic reworkings of beloved songs, but most artists aren't Fantastic Negrito. He's just released an acoustic version of "Oh Betty" that changes the original up without losing any of what makes it a great song. It's a little more mellow and toned down, but all of the emotion is still here. This would be the MTV Unplugged version of Fantastic Negrito, if that's still a thing. (I think it might be?) If you loved the original as much as we did, or even if you're new to the joy that is Fantastic Negrito's music, you're gonna love this version.

You can listen to the acoustic version of "Oh Betty" below. The song is available as a free download if you sign up for Fantastic Negrito's email list. For more on Fantastic Negrito, check out the artist's website.

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